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I'm Beth, and Elizabeth Wallis - Outdoor Activities is the trading name of my outdoor work. Based in the heart of Scotland, Highland Perthshire,  I've been working in the outdoors since I realised you could play out for a living aged 15. 

Over the years I've found myself soaking up life wisdom from 80+ year olds walking the lakeland fells and from pre-schoolers as I provide a safety net to their risky play. I've dodged traffic cones and trolleys paddling inner city canals and dodged leaping salmon paddling Scotland's classic rivers. I've spent long nights sat in corridors sending children back to bed and long starry fireside nights with adults whose nights are usually lit by streetlights. I've spent slow days walking up hills with young people who've never walked on mud and speedy days ticking off 7 Munros then canoeing back to the start. I've cried with people who've found the empty solitude of the loch a safe place to share their pain and struggle. I've celebrated all that is good about life and love on mountain summits. There's been expedition days and great conversation with people enjoying the freedom and with young people at risk of losing their freedom. I've coached adults into remembering how to play and teenagers into realising just how capable they are. I've had hundreds of tent nights on tiny islands, mountains, river banks, school playing fields and memorably, Morrisons car park.

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The two common themes in these moments and all the others are people and place, and adventure.

I am all about people. I do what I do because I believe in potential. I love to see people develop and thrive. We are deeply connected to and impacted by our place in the world and the places we journey through.

Adventure means something different to everyone. To me its something that gives us chance to explore, to connect with and to enjoy people and places.

Whatever adventure looks like to you, Elizabeth Wallis - Outdoor Activities is here to enable and equip you to have it and enjoy it. It's a privilege to be invited into people's adventures and we can't wait to share them with you!

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