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Coaching for us is about partnership and investment. Together we'll aim to equip you with the skills and experience to enjoy your own adventures. As well as technical skill development, all our coaching involves tactics, desision making, safety, planning and logistics, and tools for managing the 'head game'. 

Just you.

1:1 coaching is an efficient and effective way of moving you towards your paddling goals. Our time can be fully matched to your needs, with the flexibility to respond to challenges and questions along the way. 1:1 coaching can be intense. We work hard to get the right balance of  feedback and space, focused tasks and time to experiment.


If you want to share your coaching day with someone that's fine too. We limit it to 3 people (4 if tandem canoe) to make sure everyone gets lots of input.



Groups and open courses

Learning with a group can be a great way to widen your experienaces as you share ideas and learn from each other. 

We offer stand alone days and progressive skill development series. 




Paddlesport is all about the variety!

We can operate on rivers and on open inland water in kayak, canoe and SUP. 

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