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We love to learn and want to do the best job we can at helping people explore, connect with and enjoy time outside. We've all got blind spots and we don't know what we don't know so we always ask for feedback. You don't have to give it, and we'll graciously accept it in any form. We'll work hard to change what needs changing and celebrate what's worked. 

"Beth is a fab coach and person! She helped me to get my confidence back and enabled me to get out and enjoy kayaking again! Great fun to be with and is always flexible to do what you feel comfortable with whilst encouraging you to challenge yourself. Thank you so much for getting me back on the water. "

Jenn C

"Beth has a strong sense of equality and the need for adaptability when

working with others who share different values. She is also very good at creating a sense of inclusiveness, often drawing in those on the fringes of a group."

Dave W

"Beth has clearly spent a lot of time reflecting on the journey she has taken in the outdoors field.  Whilst she talks about ‘falling into’ her career, I am more inclined to think that she is a particularly good fit, perhaps there is less chance and more destiny!"

Will M, IOL Coach


"A lovely teaching style and an absolute mine of information. I couldn’t recommend Elizabeth more highly"

Barrett family


"The kids really love their adventures with you!!"

ABC Nursery

"Having spent a few sessions in a kayak on whitewater with coaching from Beth, I can absolutely recommend her. In just a short time she has completely transformed the way I feel about getting on the water. She has done this with a combination of river choice and exercises pitched at absolutely the right level, a calm reassuring nature, the right words to instill confidence, and a few really great simple technical tips that have stuck in my head. Plus a bit of psychological word swapping that is really helping to change my mindset - I feel "secure" not "tight" in my boat now!"

Hannah B

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