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"Diversity is being invited to the party; Inclusion is being asked to dance" Verna Myers.

Everyone that wants to should be able enjoy meaninful adventure, whatever that means to them. We realise that for some people enjoying adventure in the outdoors has added challenges to overcome. Whether the barrier is a disability, financial situation, cultural perception or something else entirely we have the experience, training and imagination to make adventure accessible to all.  


Whatever family looks like to you, we'd love to meet you!


Splashy afternoons on the loch, full days of adventuring in the woods and enjoying magical sunsets round the fire.​Fun family skills days full of learning, inspiration and top tips for your own advenutures.

All our family days are bespoke so together we can design an experience that leaves you all smiling (and tired!).

There's lots we can do to make sure as many people as possible can join in.

For example, using venues that are acsesible by public transport.Planning routes with 'proper' toilets. Shuffling the timings of a day around routines, medication, energy levels, religous obligations. Keeping essential medication dry and in the right place.

We try hard to communicate in the best way for you - speech, text, video, Makaton, BSL, Translation tools.


We have great links with other providers and organisations to acsess specialist adaptive equipment and expertise.


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