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We paddle best when we're feeling good about it.

Sometimes that 'feeling good' disappears or maybe never quite arrives in the first place and we're left feeling a bit off, nervous or striaht up scared by something we really want to enjoy. As we paddle we are constantly making decisons, weighing up risk and managing a dynamic environment so a confidence knock can feel really unsettling. You might know exactly why you're feeling wobbly or you might not have a clue. That’s ok. It's normal.


When you're ready to move past it, our specific confidence boosting coaching sessions are ideal.

Together we create a space where you feel supported enough that you don't need to be brave, but if you want to be brave we're right there with you. We keep numbers low, meeting each other before paddling by video call and giving as much or as little information as you need. We build plenty of time into the day so you don't feel rushed. We can work on specifics if that's what you need. We are real about the challenges and creative about solutions.

Most of all we have fun! Because that's what it's all about.

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